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Dr. Vignesh Kumaravel jest naukowcem pełniącym od początku tego roku obowiązki dyrektora ICRI-BioM. W rozmowie z "Życiem Uczelni" mówi o swoich planach naukowych i tych związanych z rozwojem Centrum.

Dr hab. Vignesh Kumaravel z wykształcenia jest chemikiem. Pochodzi z Indii. Doktorat obronił w 2013 r. w Madurai Kamaraj University. W lutym 2023 habilitował się w Politechnice Łódzkiej.


dr hab. Vignesh Kumaravel dr hab. Vignesh Kumaravel

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Jest naukowcem wymienionym w rankingu 2% najlepszych naukowców na świecie w 2022 roku. Jego prace były cytowane 3250 razy (wg Google Scholar), a indeks h ma wartość 30. Od listopada 2021 jest w ICRI-BioM liderem grupy prowadzącej badania polimerów i biomateriałów. Wcześniej prowadził badania na uczelniach w Irlandii, Katarze, Korei oraz w Indiach. Wśród naukowych zainteresowań dr. hab. Kumaravela są m.in. przeciwdrobnoustrojowe polimery do pakowania żywności, antybakteryjne implanty medyczne, biokatody do konwersji węgla, membrany polimerowe 2D, produkcja zielonej energii czy też powierzchnie samoczyszczące z odpadów rolniczych.

Oto, co dr hab. Vignesh Kumaravel powiedział Życiu Uczelni

- You are the Acting Director of ICRI-BIOM. How did you come to accept the challenge of managing the development of our Center?

For over 10 years, I have been working in material science and Engineering fields in various regions like Europe, The Middle East, and Asia. Organizational change is common and more challenging than ever, and navigating through the changes relate to mergers, acquisitions, technology, budgets, and staffing is the top challenge. I have effectively prioritized their initiatives to alleviate the needs and changes in the research field.

When it comes to my knowledge and experiences, I would commit to developing and providing opportunities to accelerate innovative solutions and best performance for complex problems in this field. I had the opportunity to work with a wide range of experts, including scientists, engineers, and industry representatives, who have provided unique insights into the global materials and life sciences landscape. This international experience has been invaluable in helping me understand the scope and potential of the field and I am so excited to use these skills to facilitate ICRI-BIOM reaching its full potential.

- How will you use your scientific experience to guide research at the Center? 

I have been named among the 2022 ranking of the world’s Top 2% of scientists list published by Stanford University, USA. My research focuses on finding solutions to real-life problems. My goal is to develop materials and technologies that can be used to create a sustainable future with a green economy and environment. Through my international scientific experience and leadership skills, I will motivate young researchers to take up a career in research and pursue their dreams.

By leveraging my knowledge of current trends and opportunities in the field, I can coordinate different teams to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for the center.

Drawing on my understanding of the scientific and industry partnerships, I can help the center to identify strategic research initiatives that are best suited to its resources and capabilities.

I can also provide guidance on the ethical and regulatory considerations associated with research and development, helping the Center remain compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

- How do you see the future of the Center? Is there anything that makes you particularly optimistic?

ICRI-BioM is a renowned research center with the ability to lead the biotechnology and materials science fields, and I am sure that my expertise would be helpful to support the center in realizing its full potential.

The center has access to top-tier scientific talent and resources, and I am confident that these can be leveraged to develop innovative solutions for global challenges. I am excited about the potential for collaboration with other industry leaders, which can help to further expand the reach and impact of the center.

Finally, I am enthusiastic about the potential for the center to make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities around the world. I am constantly exploring the significant funding opportunities in Poland and the EU to achieve the targets. Finally, I am committed to helping young researchers develop their skills and expand their knowledge so that they can make a positive contribution to society.

- Do you like Poland and Łódź, the local people and surroundings? After all, it is important for collaborating in research as well as for everyday life.

I really enjoy Poland and Łódź. The culture and history in Poland are fascinating, and the people of Łódź are welcoming and friendly. I'm excited to work on collaborative projects with scientists in this area, which will give us new insights and help us see things from a new perspective. The city has a vibrant atmosphere, and I look forward to exploring more. I'm also looking forward to collaborating with the local scientific community and building relationships that will be beneficial for ICRI-BioM and the local research community.